Presidents’ Message




Dear Students, Parents, Staff, Alumni and Community Members,

Our community experienced an unthinkable tragedy at this year’s Independence Day Parade that devastated our families and entire community. It has affected every one of us in unique ways as we continue to heal and process our experiences.

My pride continues to grow however as I witness community members, law enforcement, governmental officials, district educators, hospital systems, social workers and clinicians responding to the crisis and each other. Our remarkable community has exhibited dedication, bravery, compassion, and generosity.

This year takes on special significance because of this, and I feel honored to not only be a part of this community, but to play a role in continuing our Foundation mission to support educational opportunities that help our teachers, students, families and administrators to be and to do their best.

Thank you for placing your trust in the District 113 Education Foundation and our mission to support innovative educational opportunities at both Deerfield and Highland Park High Schools.

Last year, we funded $14,500 in grants supporting a wide spectrum of programs and interests including:
• Nuclear Chemistry– replace expired isotope disks with ‘fresh’ disks so students can accurately measure decay rates using Geiger Counters and reaches over 60% of our student body
• Smart Cart Advanced Data Collection System — purchase Pasco Wireless Smart Carts to aid data collection and analysis in dozens of new innovative labs for Physics classes and add a “real world” application to the labs they currently do.
• Game Group for ELS classrooms —board games focused on developing language skills and other functional skills to foster independence during leisure activities.
• Diablo Highway —semester-long unit in Criminalistics focused on a single crime case, and allows students to understand and work on the case through an online component, and with physical data collected using kits supplied with forensics materials.
• GrandTimes Archive Project —funds programming of the data-entry portal for GrandTimes archive, a volunteer-created and -maintained digitized and searchable archive of the District’s own history and culture.
• Bringing ‘Life’ to Deadlifting —exercise equipment ergonomically designed to increase the safety of, and enhance strength training for all students.
• Vocational Equipment —cart supporting the Workstation program. In-school jobs give our students a sense of purpose while preparing them with skills needed for adult life.
• Sensory Room for AEP and ELS service models — creates a sensory room for students with the highest needs. A quiet space with appropriate equipment will help students with dysregulation of emotions, allowing them to communicate more effectively.

Please consider to get involved and help us to make a positive difference this year. You can apply to become a member of our Foundation, or support one of our events including Annual Appeal, Honor an Educator, and D113 Education Foundation Virtual Auction.

Thank you again for your support to help us advance our mission to serve and continue to build the wonderful community that we live in.

Yours truly,

Mary Beth Arzac