President’s Message



Dear Students, Parents, Staff, Alumni and Community Members, 


We are honored to announce the award of 13 grants totaling over $23,000 to Deerfield and Highland Park High Schools. Grants to Deerfield High School were awarded for the Group Room Student Art (Amy Bricker) to display student art in the counseling department’s shared group support room, First Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics (John Bruss) to enhance the Robotics Club’s parts and tools for competition, Measure What You Treasure, Part II Toward More Language Proficiency Achievement and College and Career Success for Our World Languages Students (Doneille Escalante and Ryan Rockaitis) to support skills for advanced language proficiency, and creation of a World Languages Day, A Study of Unaccompanied Minors (Stephanie Martin) featuring speakers who will discuss their experiences, providing a relevant talking point about today’s unaccompanied minors, and After Prom Party – Senior Prom (Ruth Lesser and Deerfield Parent Network) providing an all-night, substance-free celebration following prom.

Highland Park High School received grants for HP Giant Gamers Club Development (Brian Zientara) updating the newly-formed club’s technology and equipment, The Zen Den (Elizabeth Martin) creation of a sensory room with special needs, FOCUS on the Arts Special Education Workshops (Jody Weinberg) for the biennial event, Makerspace Supplies (Lindsey Meyer) for the library’s makerspace, Social Emotional Wellness Classroom Supplies (Melissa Zientara) for students who use the AEP classrooms, and Swap-o-rama-rama (Skunkworks) (Aaron Fay) supporting creativity through recycling and repurposing thrift shop items, then selling the items to the public.

The Linda Gordon STEM Innovation Grant was awarded to two Highland Park High School recipients: Chemical Project to Make Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (Matt Kracht) allowing students to collaborate, build and explore the function of dye-sensitive solar cells, and compete in a fictional competition to receive a contract to build solar cells for and electrical company, and Skunkworks/Power Racing (Matt Kracht and Aaron Fay) allowing students to build mechanical and electrical systems and work as teams to race other Maker groups around the country. Named in memory of Highland Park High School math teacher, Linda Gordon, the STEM Innovation Grant is awarded annually to those Foundation grant applicants whose grants for STEM programming at Deerfield and Highland Park High Schools inspire innovation and the fostering of real-life connections in STEM fields.

Thank You for Supporting Our Pizza Bowl and Bakers Showcase!

Thank you to the many community members who attended our 2019 Pizza Bowl & Bakers Showcase held on Sunday, January 27th, at Deerfield High School in support of the work of the Foundation! And many thanks to the talented jazz bands from both high schools who performed. We owe a debt of gratitude to the generous pizza and bakery donors listed on the opening page of our website and we hope you will consider patronizing their restaurants as a way of thanking them.

Honor an Educator

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Thank you for your support of innovation at our schools!

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