2013 Grant Recipients




Deerfield High School

Book Club

To fund the continued growth of the DHS book club. Promotes independent reading and group discussions about the books and broader topics. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Marisa Fiorito
Water for All

To purchase several Lifesaver Water Bottles for the science department to utilize in labs exploring the issue of sustainable clean water. Students will use inquiry skills to create innovative scientific solutions to this problem.Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Mike O’Malley & Eugene Chun
Latino Group Cultural Enrichment

To provide cultural enrichment opportunities to students in the Latino Group, giving them an opportunity to connect with their roots through a visit to the National Mexican Museum of the Arts and participation in the Chicano College Bowl. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Melissa Romero Williams
Literary Festival

To expand and evolve the Literary Festival by providing workshops conducted by a wide range of writers for all DHS students enabling them to receive direction and feedback for projects they begin in these work sessions. This event was originally fundedwith the support of the District 113 Education Foundation. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Neil Rigler

Team Building & Ropes Course

To develop and improve skills in areas such as problem solving, communication, collaboration, and leadership for Alternative Education Program students. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Elena Hemmila

Technology in Dance

To enhance the ability of dance students to receive immediate formative feedback, utilizing Isadora software and iPads. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Susan K. Johnson

TI Navigators

To help upgrade mathematics classrooms with technology that will enable an interactive learning environment where students take an active role in the learning process. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Chuck Wathen

Mock Trial

To help fund the Mock Trial Team, which participates in regional tournaments, other competitions, and hosts speakers. This group provides education about the justice system, as well as developing skills in persuasive public speaking and writing, team building, leadership, critical thinking, improvisation and perseverance. The District 113 Education Foundation provided funding to help this club get started.


Tyler Westrich

Prom After Party

To provide partial funding for an all-night, substance free event designed to insure the safety and well being of students on prom night. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


DHS Parent Network

Study Skills Using Technology

To improve students with learning difficulties ability to take meaningful notes during class by utilizing Echo LiveScribe pens. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Julie Blanche & Tara Conroy

Team DSI

To help provide equipment to expand Deerfield Sports Information team, a group set up to run scoreboards, manage team statistics, and announce, broadcast and video stream events. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Robert Ruiz

Highland Park High School

Active Expression 2

To purchase Active Expression Learner Response Units for use in Social Studies classes, which will provide the ability to augment instructional and assessment methods. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Geoff Champney
Document Cameras

To provide document cameras for use in World Language classrooms, which will, among other things, enhance students’ ability to learn diacritical marks that are essential to differentiate word meaning, verb tense, and pronunciation. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Shannon Ramirez


To build a systemic program that will tackle issues faced by at-risk students by providing support in the areas of school identity, career & post high school opportunities, college planning & leadership, and transitional skills, in order to prepare students for their future after high school. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Drew Eder & Pablo Alvarez

Up2Us Self-Empowerment

Tohelp fund the creation of a program for sophomore students to challenge their thinking about social pressures and attitudes. This program will be about empowerment in relationships: identifying healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, learning refusal skills, and gaining knowledge about resources available to them and their families.Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Lesa Friedrich & Alesia Margetis

Stop Frame Camera

To acquire a new technology for the Visual Arts Department that will benefit Advanced Photography students.Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Alicia Landes

FOCUS on the Arts

To fund an artist in residence program in documentary film making with alumnus Bradley Ross.Brad will Skype with students weekly to guide them as they each make their own documentary films, some of which will premiere at FOCUS Night at the Movies. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Jody Weinberg

Independent Reading Library

To provide special education students with a reading library to promote independent reading, improve reading skills, strategies, comprehension, and vocabulary. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Allison Lewin & Eliana Asebey

Getting Books to Readers

To help build a book club for students that will promote independent reading and group discussions about the books and broader topics. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Lucy Kempton


To fund HP^3 programs which further the district’s racial equality goals. This ongoing conversation about race, which includes minority and non-minority students, provides an opportunity for students and staff to talk about issues related to race in a safe environment. All participants work towards building bridges across different cultures and races.This groupwas originally funded with the support of the District 113 Education Foundation. Post grant evaluation (PDF)


Mary Pike