2010 Grant Recipients



Deerfield High School

Literary Festival
To expand the Literary Festival created and run successfully in 2009 to include a full day of workshops conducted by a wide range of writers and made available to all DHS students and potentially the community as well. Students hear from and get to ask questions of these writers in an open forum.

Neil Rigler

Library Netbooks
To fund the purchase of netbook computers for the DHS library that can be used by students before, during, and after school.  Students can check out the netbooks allowing those who do not have computers or internet access at home the ability to take advantage of this technology outside of school. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Lucy Kempton

Highland Park High School

Amnesty International – LINK Community Development
To set up and sustain a meaningful partnership with a school in Africa, enabling the students to enhance their knowledge about Africa and its people through direct contact. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Chis Kean

Robotics Tech Challenge
To support the development of a FTC Robotics Team.  Teams design, build and program robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams.  Students apply real-world math & science concepts and develop problem-solving, organizational, and team-building skills.  The goal is to inspire students to be science and technology leader. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Staff members:  Jonathan Weiland, Lars Nelson

TPI Camcorders
To fund the purchase of camcorders for the advanced English as a Second Language class and Technology Department.  The project is designed enable recent immigrant students to give voice to their experiences, share their stories in a long lasting format, and help them see the value of the hardships they have faced as they adjust to a new country and life. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Staff members:Gwen Krull, Gail LeGrand

HPHS3 – Soul, Salsa, Spirit
To fund the current and continually increasing demand for HP^3 programs which further the district’s racial equality goals.  This ongoing conversation about race, which includes minority & non-minority students, provides an opportunity for students and staff to talk about issues related to race in a safe environment.  All participants work towards building bridges across different cultures and races. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Staff members:Mary Pike, Jesse Villanueva

Music Technology for Band
To initiate a program that utilizes music technology for enhancing the musical growth and experience of students participating in the band program.  Students can practice exercises that have musical accompaniment or may perform traditional solos with musical accompaniment, and receive immediate assessment on the accuracy of notes and rhythms. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Dr. James Hile