2012 Grant Recipients




Deerfield High School

Endangered Species Plant Garden

To help build an endangered species plant garden in an unused courtyard at DHS. Goal is for students from AP Environmental Science, Earthworks, Biology and elementary feeder schools to plant and raise endangered plants, learn about them, and distribute them to be planted on district grounds and in the community. Post grant evaluation (PDF)

Jeff Hoyer
Beyond Deerfield: Global Challenges Summit

To engage DHS students in an all day immersion in issues beyond their lives in Deerfield. Students will attend presentations by faculty and external organizations, and engage in dialog that addresses social, economic, and political issues that present divergent views on global issues.

Audris Griffith

Highland Park High School

ADL Names Program
To support this ongoing program, which provides a safe forum to raise awareness of prejudice, racism, & bigotry, teach students about bullying, and to provide students with leadership skills necessary to create change. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Lesa Friedrich
Interactive White Board System
To purchase a Promethean Activeboard and full set of ActivExpression Learner Response Units for installation and use in a computer lab, which will provide access to all faculty and staff to utilize. Post grant evaluation(PDF)
Andy Weingartner
Spanish & French Libraries
To create reading libraries in Spanish & French classrooms to promote reading, critical thinking skills, and connections between students. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Barb Harvey & Nairy Hagopian
BizCafe Computer Simulations
To purchase Interpretive Software’s BizCafe computer simulations, which enables students to run a simulated coffee shop, controlling all aspects of the business including: staffing, marketing, branding, inventory, menu, pricing, and many more functions required to manage a business. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
David Burke
HP^3 – Salsa, Soul & Spirit
To fund the increasing demand for HP^3 program which furthers the district’s racial equality goals. This ongoing conversation about race, which includes minority & non-minority students, provides an opportunity for students and staff to talk about issues related to race in a safe environment. All participants work towards building bridges across different cultures and races. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Mary Pike, Gwen Krull, & Mary Ramirez
Latin Dance
To assist this creative group fund costumes & choreographers for their performances in the school and community. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Marisol Legis-Portincaso
Bilingual Children’s Books
To purchase books to be used by language students to apply skills of plot development, perspective, author’s craft (literary elements & theme), genre, and vocabulary analysis. Will also record these books as a service learning project. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Richenda Petersen
Young Journalists at Work
A photo/writing venture designed to help bring struggling readers to grade level. Will help build the academic identity and student literacy that helps students see how they can benefit from, and contribute to, the learning community of the high school.
Ann Cocks
Beyond Homework
To provide enrichment activities for economically disadvantaged students in the HPHS Homework Club who have never experienced culturally significant activities, events or places. These activities range from art, music and athletics run by community members & HPHS staff, and field trips to museums and events that will enrich their lives. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Brad Swanson
To provide leadership opportunities in the arts and athletics for high school students to work with low-income K-8th graders who would not otherwise have the opportunity to begin skill development or interest in these areas.
Brad Swanson