2018 Grant Recipients


The District 113 Education Foundation is happy to announce that it has funded the following grants during the 2017-18 school year, thanks to the support of our community and to the innovation of our District’s dedicated and talented educators.



Deerfield High School

DHS Fuse Lab 2018 Signature Grant – The installation of The FUSE lab (www.fusestudio.net) allows DHS to become part of Northwestern University’s FUSE network. Engaging learners of all ages, this makerspace will provide programming throughout the school year, including innovative STEAM classes, tech camps and authentic learning opportunities.

Lisa Backus & Joe Taylor

Bringing South African Dance & Music to Deerfield High School: This grant brings African dance teacher Idy Ciss and his drummer to craft lessons for all dance classes from beginner to advanced dancers. Exposing students to this authentic dance form is very aerobic, yet fun and rhythmic. Sarah Campbell and Nicki Lazzaretto
District 113 Family Night District 113 Family Night: This grant supports the opportunity to build community and reduce isolation for all students within the District113 geography who identify as transgender and gender diverse students and their parent/guardians. Amy Bricker
Exploring Food Security: Indoor and Outdoor Gardening: This grant provides the opportunity for students to investigate the issue of food security and to use new elevated vegetable garden beds, cold frames, a vertical vermicomposting garden, movable composting units, modified garden tools, watering tools and plant supports to create authentic learning. Julie Blanche
Honors Incubator Classroom: “Shark Tank” comes to DHS! This grant supports the purchase of materials to add to the newly developed classroom that deepens the incubator feeling. Joe Navickas
Journey of a Thousand Words Begins with a Single Book: This grant allows for the purchase of authentic texts for students at all level of Spanish language learning. Ryan Rockaitis
Measure What You Treasure:  Developing a Common Language for Language Proficiency Achievement: This grant provides the World Languages Department staff training in the Oral Proficiency Interview, allowing them to be better able to enhance the classroom experience for students and enabling them to improve their oral proficiencies in their second language acquisition. Donielle Escalante and Ryan Rockaitis
Senior Prom After Party:  This grant supports The After Party, a substance-free, all-night celebration following Deerfield High School’s Prom. Andrea Spector/ Gayle Byck – DPN

Highland Park High School

Books for Book Club: this grant will purchase popular titles for the newly launched book club with an expanding interest among the student body. Lindsey Meyer
Educational Video Creation Station: This grant will provide an apparatus that provides the materials and resources for teachers and students in all academic departments to create and edit educational/instructional videos. Aaron Fay
Monday Fun-Day: this grant will fund the purchase of stations for students to explore physics-themed advanced content (and possible careers). Like a Genius Hour, every Monday students will be able to explore a new concept through hands-on experiences. Brian Scane
Geometry Survey Projects: this grant will provide funding for the materials necessary for students to create meaningful and engaging hands-on activities using geometric principles including String Art, Extension Arm Grabber, and Triangle Shelves. Jeremy Runyan
HPHS Flute Project: the purchase of a bass flute allows a new repertoire for the HPHS Flute Choir. Josh Chodoroff
Learning Strategies: Social-Emotional Wellness: this grant provides resources for students to create a classroom that is a true hub for social-emotional wellness, and promotes students’ ability to be a part of their own well-being. Melissa Zientara
Lungfish: Learning Creation Station: this grant creates an opportunity for students to explore different methods of urban farming through Skunkworks which enables students to build a “Lungfish” aquaponics system. http://www.instructables.com/id/Modular-Lungfish-ebb-and-flow-Hydroponics-or-Aquap/ Aaron Fay
Supporting Emerging Multilinguals in Language, Life, and Study: This grant supports HPHS in its emerging role as a Dual Language School by holding an all-community screening of the documentary “Dolores”, the story of Dolores Huerta, along with facilitating activities that create conversations and connections. https://www.doloresthemovie.com/aboutnew Jesse Villanueva
Athletic Department Student Leadership Program: Using group discussions around the book, “You Win in the Locker Room First”, 30 student athletes will develop leadership skills, addressing issues including bullying, harassment, accountability and positive conduct. John Rowley