2009 Grant Recipients




Deerfield High School

Literary Festival
To create a Literary Festival where poets and authors will host workshops that provide the opportunity for students to hear from professionals and learn ways in which they can put that knowledge to use.  This program follows the successful WERCS program funded in January 2008 by the Foundation. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Neil Rigler,Elliott Hurtig
Local History Initiative
In cooperation with Deerfield Public Library, and in conjunction with Deerfield High School’s 50th anniversary, this program is designed to help students learn more about the school and town’s history through the collection of oral histories. Students will also develop a framework for sharing their work with the community.  Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Niki Antanokos,Staci Studnitzer
WDHS-TV Media Production Class
To help fund the acquisition of replacement studio and production equipment. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Brett Schwartz

Highland Park High School

ADL – Names Hurt Program
To help bring the Names Program, sponsored by the ADL, to Highland Park High School.  This assembly program is designed to provide a safe forum in which students can examine and share difficult issues and effect positive change in their own behavior and in their school communities, while teaching respect for differences.  The goal is to create a common language and experience and continue conversations about Equity and Excellence in the school.  Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Brad Swanson, Pat Cannon, Lesa Friedrich, Alisa Margetis
English Plus Reading
To purchase MP3 players to facilitate reading education provided in English Plus Reading classes for students with attention and fluency challenges, and newly mainstreamed second language learners. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Cathleen Case, Mari Brown, Maria Hothem,Nancy Rosen,Stephanie Solis
HPHS3 – Soul, Salsa, Spirit
To fund several professionally facilitated programs designed to promote a sense of one school instead of several schools within a school separated across racial lines; close the achievement gap between white students and students of color; and celebrate differences as a means to celebrate similarities.  This is a follow-up to a May 2008 program, and the District’s Equity and Excellence work. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Mary Pike, Jesse Villanueva
Latin Dance Club
For the purchase of costumes for the Latin Dance Club. Post grant evaluation (PDF)
Mary Pike,