2019 Grant Recipients


The District 113 Education Foundation is happy to announce that it has funded the following grants during the 2018-19 school year, thanks to the support of our community and to the innovation of our District’s dedicated and talented educators.

Deerfield High School

Group Room Student Art – Students share their stories. This grant provides the resources to frame the artwork of students (participating in a variety of counseling programs), and hang it in the counseling department’s shared group support room. Reusable frames allow student art to be changed throughout the year. Amy Bricker
First Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics – The reconstituted Robotics Club will be able to jump start through the purchase of parts and tools so that the students can compete effectively in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), a global robotics competition. John Bruss
Measure What You Treasure, Part II: Toward More Language Proficiency Achievement and College and Career Success for Our World Language Students – Student language and literary skills for advanced level of language proficiency (including the Seal of Biliteracy) are supported. This grant also supports the creation of  World Languages Day for students, to be held at Deerfield High School. Donielle Escalante and Ryan Rockaitis
A Study of Unaccompanied Minors – Speakers Edith Westerfield Schumer (and her daughter Fern Schumer Chapman) come to Deerfield High School to discuss Edith’s experiences as an unaccompanied minor from Germany in 1938, providing a relevant talking point about today’s unaccompanied minors. Stephanie Martin
Senior Prom After Party –  The After Party, a substance-free, all-night celebration following Deerfield High School’s Prom is supported through this grant. Ruth Lesser/DPN

Highland Park High School

HP Gamers Club Development – Providing the newly formed, and very popular, Gaming Club funds to update technology and equipment. Brian Zientara
The Zen Den – The creation of a sensory room for students with special needs is made possible with the funds provided by this grant. Elizabeth Martin
FOCUS on the Arts Special Education Workshops –  Daytime workshops for HPHS students with disabilities and special needs are funded, creating an inclusive, aware community during this biennial arts festival. Jody Weinberg
Chemistry Project to Make Dye Sensitized Solar Cells* – Chemistry I lab will have the materials to allow all students to collaborate, build and explore the function of dye sensitized solar cells – a type of photovoltaic cell that can be made in the classroom. Student groups will also compete in a fictional competition to receive a contract to build solar cells for an electrical company. Matt Kracht
Skunkworks/Power Racing (Science)* – Students will build mechanical and electrical systems, direct electrical current, and work as a team to race against other “maker” groups around the country with the equipment provided by this grant Matt Kracht and Aaron Fay
Makerspace Supplies – Supplies are being provided to establish a working makerspace with 3D printer, t-shirt printer, digital sewing machine, laser cutter, wood cutter and other equipment available to all HPHS students through the library. Lindsey Meyer
Social Emotional Wellness Classroom Supplies – Calming/wellness supplies are being provided to all students who use the AEP classrooms. Melissa Zientara
Swap-o-rama-rama (Skunkworks) – Students’ creativity is supported through the recycling and repurposing of clothing by purchasing thrift shop items, dyes, embellishments, LED lights or EL wires. The items created are then sold to the public! Aaron Fay