2017 Grant Recipients




Deerfield High School

Qualitative Assessment of Metabolic Pathways
The passage of recent legislation regulating the transport and sale of non-indigenous aquatic plants leaves us unable to secure a key specimen (Elodea canadensis) used in qualitative assessment of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. This grant allows for the purchase of a new product, Microalgae-Alginate spheres. All levels of biology student will be able to access these fundamental concepts without accessing a banned substance.

John Motzko

Mosaic is a four-year program designed to foster pride in racial/ethnic identity and empower students to reach their fullest potential. Students from the BMG (Black Male Group), MWK (Minorities with Knowledge), Culture Connections and Latino Support groups participate in the program. Every senior will have a post high school plan; by the time participants graduate, they will have visited 4-8 colleges, participated in cultural activities, developed leadership skills, and gained academic skills to succeed in a rigorous curriculum. All Mosaic students will attend two college visits this year; this grant funds student visits to College of Lake County and the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.
Amy Bricker, Soo Lee, Marcellous Moore, Melissa Romero Williams (Counseling Department)
Writers Week Festival
This grant will fund a Writers Week to support and extend the English curriculum by devoting an entire week to celebrating the written and spoken word. Students will have a chance to listen to professional authors and learn valuable writing skills from outside clinicians. As well as have a chance to tap into their creative side and express themselves in a variety of mediums (creative writing, spoken word poetry, etc.).
Ryan Leist
Food Science Equipment “Lending Library”
The Food Science class builds students’ knowledge and skill in the kitchen. Specialized equipment is used. This grant will allow the beginning of a small lending “library” that students could borrow and use these kits to complete additional lab hours and/or grow in their kitchen skills. To start, kits for candy making that includes a candy thermometer and various candy molds will be available for students to sign out and use during the week or over the weekend.
Diane Riendeau & Lisa Backus
R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Self Defense
This grant purchases the equipment for R.A.D., a new self-defense program for the freshmen PE-A curriculum. Our desire is to acquire equipment that will allow students to practice their skills. With the equipment purchased using this grant, R.A.D. for Women (Frosh A) will begin in freshmen PE during the 2nd semester of the 2016-2017 school year.
John Campbell
SSR Station
In this Special Education class, students’ disabilities make the seemingly simple act of reading particularly challenging, and one they often avoid at all costs. However, they are required to read independently for a portion of each period. This grant will purchase items to create a motivating area for daily Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) station.
Chrissy Peterson
Senior Prom After Party
This grant will support The After Party, a substance-free, all-night celebration following Deerfield High School’s Prom. The event is free to all Seniors (regardless of whether they attend Prom) and their dates, providing a safe, fun, free celebration on what can otherwise be a potentially dangerous night for our graduating Seniors.
Kristin Fine/Julie Sampson – DPN

Highland Park High School

Cooking to Learn – A Life Skill
This grant will purchase a microwave and dishwasher to complete a modified kitchen for students with special needs to use. The kitchen would allow students to learn life skills to prepare meals and snacks on their own and help them generalize skills for their future success.
Elizabeth Martin, Mike Harrison & Katrina Tolemy
Interactive Narrative Arc
Named for the Skunkworks division of Lockheed-Martin that developed revolutionary planes, this grant will fund the supplies for engineering projects that support a cross-curricular extracurricular opportunity. The experience has developed into a game – whereby choose your own adventure stories are intertwined with technical challenges.
Aaron Fay, Skunkworks Club
Focus on the Arts Special Education Workshops
This grant will fund a series of classes designed especially for HPHS students in our Special Education program, particularly in the ELS and Essentials classes. This grant creates an avenue of inclusion for students who often struggle with academic tasks, sensory integration, and emotional regulation as opportunities within the arts provide an avenue for success that is often overlooked including exposure to the arts, music, drama and art appreciation, learning about leisure activity opportunities that coincide with their interests, social emotional benefits, working in groups, listening skills, employment opportunities, following directions and learning how to reduce anxiety and frustration.
Jodi Weinberg
STEM-W Outreach: CS for All
This grant will continue STEM-W outreach for HPHS students to work with District 112 students, showcasing the accessibility of computing, robotics and electronics. This grant continues work from last year and encourages even more students to participate in the Rising Stars Tech Giants Saturday program by providing the monitors that will extend SCRATCH lessons to include an electronic device called a Rasberry PI.
Deborah Wilson
FUSE Lab – Signature Grant
This signature grant will allow HPHS to install The FUSE lab (www.fusestudio.net), a program created by Northwestern University designed to introduce students (6th to 12th grade) to STEAM education and careers by providing a highly engaging curriculum where students select a variety self-directed and self-paced STEAM challenges to complete. Challenges range from robotics design, to LED electric systems, to wind turbine design, to 3D bioengineering , to designing and creating 3D jewelry. The FUSE lab will engage all District 113 students, as well as students from Districts 112 and 109: during the school day for teachers to use with high school students, as part of our Rising Stars middle school program, as a summer school “Makers Course” and to offer a middle school summer “tech camp.” The FUSE lab is essentially a makerspace filled with computers, 3D printers, vinyl cutters and digital cutting devices. Schools that adopt FUSE labs become part of Northwestern University’s FUSE network, giving District 113 teachers access to many of the special staff development programs that NU’s Center for Innovation and Education offers.
Tom Koulentes