2014 Grant Recipients




Deerfield High School

Skype with Author Ji-Li Jiang
To provide a Skype session with the author of Red Scarf Girl, a memoir of her life as a student at the time of the Cultural Revolution in China for students in Freshman English Survey and World History Survey classes.
NikolettaAntonakos&Christine Saxman
Active Expression 2                                            
To purchase Active Expression Learner Response System and Document Camera which will provide the ability to augment instructional and assessment methodsfor use in Special Education classes.
Lisa Berghoff& Jason Smith
Marine Sciences                                                              
To support the continued development of an inquiry project in Aquatic & Marine Science that allows students to study marine life in the classroom in a unique way by providing each lab team with the opportunity to take ownership of a 12 gallon salt water aquarium and the organisms within it.
Stephanie Chambers
Galaxy Note
To introduce the use of a Samsung Galaxy Note in the classroom, which would allow for more teacher mobility and throughout-the-room flexibility.
J. Benjamin Palmberg
Writer’s Week
To bring a diverse range of writers to present workshops, performances and interact with students to expose them to various forms of writing and how it can enrich, educate, and entertain them throughout their lives.
Jennifer McKinney
WDHS Digital Switcher
To provide a digital switcher to enable full digital streaming on the web and the school’s new online video distribution system.
Brett Schwartz
AP Psychology Material                                                               
To obtain material that would provide students with opportunities to be collaborative and explore and conceptualize difficult concepts in psychology.
Jig Vora
Raspberry Pi                                                   
To purchase a set of Raspberry Pi computers for use in Advanced Computer Science classes that will allow students to learn about programming in C, C++, Java and Python. These computers will also be used to create programs by the DHS Women in STEM club.
Derrick Tiverson& Steve Svetlik

Highland Park High School

Science Olympiad                                      
To provide funding for the Science Olympiad Club which will enable students to develop in depth understanding of science-related topics and then demonstrate this knowledge in various competitions across the Chicagoland area.
Franni Schmidt & Sam Blekhman
VernierSpectro-Vis Plus
To purchase lab equipment to be used in the Science Department that will enhance the study of wavelength spectrum by students.
Shannon Bain & Heather Hernandez
Builder/Maker/Hacker/MacGyver Group
To fund the construction of three different types of Rocket Stoves by a group of students who undertake various unique building projects over the course of the year.
Aaron Fay
The Reading Hour
To facilitate faculty/staff/community members sharing of books with students & staff. This monthly gathering highlights a book selected by the presenting individual or group and seeks to build a shared joy of reading.
Jennifer Firer
Promethean Boards
To help fund the purchase of two Promethean Boards for English classrooms which helps improve student engagement and critical thinking skills.
Eileen McMahon
AEP English/Reading Fundamentals
To facilitate the involvement of students with challenges in reading skills in selecting books for this self-contained English/Reading classroom.
Richenda Peterson
HP3: Soul, Salsa, Spirit
To fund HP^3 programs which further the district’s racial equality goals.  This ongoing conversation about race, which includes minority and non-minority students, provides an opportunity for students and staff to talk about issues related to race in a safe environment.  All participants work towards building bridges across different cultures and races.This groupwas originally funded with the support of the District 113 Education Foundation.
Mary Pike
Galaxy Note
To introduce the use of a Samsung Galaxy Note in the classroom, which would allow for more teacher mobility and throughout-the-room flexibility.