2022 Grant Recipients



The District 113 Education Foundation is happy to announce that it has funded the following grants during the 2021-22 school year, thanks to the support of our community and to the innovation of our District’s dedicated and talented educators.
Nuclear Chemistry — This grant will replace expired isotope disks with ‘fresh’ disks so students can accurately measure decay rates using Geiger Counters. This grant reaches over 60% of our student body. Linda Gordon Award Winner William Stafford, Deerfield High School
Smart Cart Advanced Data Collection System — This grant funds the purchase of Pasco Wireless Smart Carts to aid data collection and analysis in dozens of new innovative labs for Physics classes. The carts communicate with student Chromebooks directly to allow students to instantly collect and analyze data real-time, allowing the opportunity to add a “real world” application to the labs they currently do. Linda Gordon Award Winner Christina Schriner, Highland Park High School
Game Group for ELS classrooms — This grant funds the purchase of board games focused on developing language skills and other functional skills to foster independence during leisure activities. The Game Group will help students take a more active role in participation of some extracurricular events along with their same-age peers. Robert Heelan, Highland Park High School
Diablo Highway — This grant funds a semester-long unit in Criminalistics focusing on a single crime case, and allows students to understand and work on the case through an online component, and with physical data collected using using kits supplied with forensics materials. Kristin Blair, Highland Park High School
GrandTimes Archive Project — This grant funds the programming of the data-entry portal for the GrandTimes archive, a volunteer-created and -maintained digitized and searchable archive of the District’s own history and culture. Niki Antonakos, Deerfield High School
Bringing ‘Life’ to Deadlifting — This grant funds the purchase of exercise equipment ergonomically designed to properly distribute weight that is being lifted straight up, and will increase the safety of, and enhance strength training for all students. William Stafford, Deerfield High School
Vocational Equipment — This grant funds a new cart for the Workstation program. In-school jobs give our students a sense of purpose while preparing them with skills needed for adult life. Madeline Stender, Deerfield High School
Sensory Room for AEP and ELS service models This grant will help to create a sensory room for students with the highest needs. A quiet space with appropriate equipment will help students with dysregulation of emotions, allowing them to communicate more effectively.  Dan Chamberlin, Deerfield High School